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AVK is the premier designer of blind mechanical inserts, studs, Composi-serts™, compression limiters, MS bolts and installation tool systems for our authorized distributors.


To expand our distribution support, you now have access to three of our sister PCC Companies to expand your product offerings: J&L Precision Castings, Net Shaped Solutions and Metalac through AVK.


Companies and Products

J&L Precision Castings
J and L Castings J&L Precision Castings is an Isocure sand casting facility located in Waukesha, WI, specializing in high alloyed wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and heat resistant ferrous castings. Our unique process allows us to achieve near investment quality surface finish and dimensional stability.
Net Shaped Solutions
Net Shaped Solutions Net Shaped Solutions provides innovative cold formed product solutions for a wide variety of high-impact applications. Our process creates products that are stronger, more durable and better engineered. We are capable of forming parts in the .250 inch (6.35 mm) to 2.125 inch (54 mm) diameter ranges, with holes, undercuts, non-standard shapes and other features with a focus on removing additional manufacturing processes. Net Shaped Solutions manufactures product for a variety of markets including automotive, heavy truck, mining & construction, consumer, oil & gas and military.
METALAC METALAC, a fully owned subsidiary of SPS Technologies, the Fastener division of Precision Castparts Corp., is a leading manufacturer of high strength fasteners for the following markets:
  • Automotive critical engine and brake fastener applications, such as connecting rods, cylinder heads, main bearing bolts, disk brake caliper pins, and many other customer specific application‘s.
  • Premium socket head cap screws, with TELLEP, the SPS Technologies Premium brand. Contact AVK for additional North American support and sales.
METALAC is certified ISO 9000, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14000, and was awarded Q1 Ford Supplier, General Motors Supplier of the Year 2012, and exports direct to OEM automotive customers in USA, Europe and Asia.
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