AVK Portable Battery Power Tool

AVK Portable Battery Power Tool - AVK4878

Portable Battery Power at your finger tips for Ease of Installation and Ergonomic comfort! Worldwide first completely Electronic Power controlled Battery tool for the installation of High-Torque Blind Rivet Nuts and Blind Rivet Studs

  • Electronic Process Control ensures a stable and consistent installation.
  • Spin-Spin installation without adjustment on different material thicknesses.
  • Easy to handle, simple adjustment.
  • High Process Security.
  • Suitable for High-Torque Steel Inserts M4 - M10/#6 - 3/8” and Studs M4 - M6/#6 - 1/4”.

AVK Portable Battery Operated Tools - Design Benefits

No air lines.
Existing AVK TAK’s easily installed/removed.
Sets M4 - M10/#6 - 3/8” inserts, and M4 - M6/#6 - 1/4” studs.
Ergonomics better than typical installation tools - no wrist torque, balanced better.
Quieter than air tools.
Process security- audible and visual verification.
Bright LED to illuminate installation hole.
Incrementally adjustable (90 settings) within five sizes either English or Metric.
Good (I0)/No Good (NO) electric readout after each install.
Battery “Brain”- RFID chip prevents overcharging and monitors energy level stopping any action at 20% of battery life - No dropping off of power- No loose inserts.
Installation is controlled electrically- not mechanically.
After 1.5 million cycles tested no drop in Torque readings.
One charge sets from 200 to 400 inserts depending on material.
Single trigger operation.
Highly portable.
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