AVK Fasteners

AVK Industrial Products, located in Southern California, is a member of the Fasteners & EPG Division of Precision Castparts Corp. AVK manufactures blind installed Threaded Fasteners for transportation and general industrial markets worldwide. We feature product lines of both unified (INCH) and metric fasteners along with numerous special designs that meet customer application requirements.
AVK Products

AVK opened in 1983 to focus on the design and manufacture of blind installed threaded inserts and studs.

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Installation tools
Installation Tools

We offer installation tools to meet your needs: pneumatic, battery-powered, manual, and automated.

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AVK Applications

AVK Fasteners are used in almost every industry. View examples of typical applications for AVK prooducts.

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Customer Service
Sales Reps

Our Engineers and Sales Reps are expertly trained to assist in developing creative fastening solutions.

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Supplier Support
Supplier Support

Learn more about our requirements, policies and prodedures for AVK Suppliers.

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Contact Us

Contact us for answers, demonstrations, samples, and technical support.

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AVK's Quality Management System

All aspects of our business are controlled and certified to the exacting requirements of ISO/TS16949 and ISO 9001 International standards.

AVK's Environmental Management System

Sister Companies

To expand our distribution support, you now have access to our sister PCC Companies to expand your product offerings.

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